All for Kids

Welcome, children!

We want to whisk you away to the fascinating world of ice in our Hamburg Ice Magic exhibition. You can view lots of photos of ice sculptures in our picture gallery, which we hope you will like. These fantastic works of art have been created for your pleasure over a number of weeks by the best ice sculptors in the world, and we cannot allow you to touch them, otherwise they would break or melt, as you no doubt realise.

But don't worry: our ice exhibition is not just something to look at. There are things you're allowed to touch and there are opportunities for you to be active, as we have included a great big kids' zone, where you can have all the fun you want. We have built the longest indoor ice slide, at almost 35 metres, and you can whizz down it on sledges provided for free. There is also an ice playground for you where you will meet polar bears, penguins and Eskimos, and you can play with them to your hearts' content.

The whole ice experience will only be fun, of course, if you are not cold: so do wear your warmest clothing, and don't on any account forget your woolly hats and gloves! Once you're snug and warm, the winter and ice fun can begin. And when you have had all the fun and exercise you want, you can warm up with something to eat and drink from our restaurant area.

We hope you have really "cool fun" at our Hamburg Ice Magic Show!

One more thing: you may photograph as much as you like at the Hamburg Ice Magic Show. Perhaps you would like to post your best photos on our Facebook page?